Dr. Flanagan’s Clinical Practice

In addition to being Managing Director/Founder of The Center For Resilience, Dr. Flanagan maintains a clinical practice with offices adjacent to Grand Central Terminal in New York City and in Mount Kisco, NY. Clinically he focuses on helping survivors of traumatic experiences to find a path forward after surviving natural disasters, criminal acts, motor vehicle accidents, combat, terror attacks and life-threatening illnesses.

Dr. Leo FlanaganWorking with survivors he draws heavily on traditional evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapies for symptom relief as well as positive psychology interventions designed to increase the individual’s emotional, cognitive, physical and social strengths.

A licensed psychologist in New York State, Dr. Flanagan has worked with survivors and first responders of the 9/11attacks, school shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, and homicides within the immediate family.

Dr. Flanagan does not accept insurance for clinical services. All clients are provided the information necessary to submit directly to insurance carriers for reimbursement.

To discuss your needs, please contact Dr. Flanagan using the form below, or call hime at 203-561-9946.