Wealth Management

Today wealth management presents the greatest opportunities and the greatest challenges. Opportunities abound because we are in the midst of the largest asset transfer from one generation to another in the history of the world. Challenges arise from a myriad of complex regulations that must be navigated. They also arise from the constant appearance of new wealth management platforms that compete with the Financial Advisor.

We work with the entire Wealth Management system. At the highest levels we help senior leaders use predictive analytics to understand where the greatest strategic levers are and how to pull them effectively. At the regional, market and branch manager levels we help sharpen and focus your skills to maximize your impact. At the Financial Advisor level we help you tell a clear, compelling story to prospects and deliver on that story to clients.

Regardless of the level at which we are working, we base on work on The Four Most Powerful Questions:

  • What do you want?
  • What are you doing?
  • How is that working for you?
  • What is your plan?

We use these four simple questions because research has proven they offer the most effective framework for activating change and growth. We also use them because whether we are giving strategic advice or one-on-one coaching our work is all about you. It is your business, your career, and your success. You are the Captain of the ship. We’re hear to help you navigate to arrive at your aspirations.

Our team in Wealth Management has a minimum of 25 years experience. Each of us has worked inside firms and as external advisors and coaches.

Our work is based on the latest hard science practically applied to the challenges you face and the goals you aspire to. We don’t come up with one-size fits all frameworks and recipes of the “7 Ways To . . .” or “5 Secrets Of . . .”. We apply proven science to help you arrive at the destination that you set.

While all of our engagements have start and end dates, we pride ourselves on becoming friends with our clients. Our best days begin with you calling us at 6:30 am and saying “I have something to deal with today. I need to bounce it off you.”  That’s when we know we’ve gained your trust.

And we’re especially happy when those calls or emails come from clients who we met years ago. Because friends help friends.

In sum our work is grounded in five things:

  1. It’s about you
  2. We live in the industry
  3. We understand your challenges
  4. It’s about focusing, sharpening and executing 2 -3 high impact changes
  5. Friends helping friends