Resilience Assessments

All of CFR Advisory’s assessments are based on the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and predictive analytics. All of our assessments are supported by a robust, on-going research effort which ensures we revise them to keep pace with the latest scientific breakthroughs.

We have four major assessments:

The Resilience Profile©

This is an online survey taking approximately 12 minutes to complete. It assesses the individual’s strength across the 10 factors in our proprietary resilience model.

The Leadership Resilience Behavioral Assessment©

This is an intensive behavioral interview focusing on the strength of the candidate’s resilience in addition to their skills and experiences. Most senior leaders and key professionals fail in new roles or organizations because they lack the resilience to adapt to a new environment and emerging challenges. It is rare that a senior leader or key professional is hired without the “necessary” skills and experience. It is a lack of resilience that leads to failure.

The Team Resilience Assessment©

Almost all team performance assessments assume that all teams face the same challenges and operate in similar environments. This is obviously a bad assumption. The Team Resilience Assessment© creates a unique profile of each team’s current and optimal characteristics across 12 dimensions of team dynamics and six team skills. The TRA is administered online and takes 10 -12 minutes to complete.

The Customer Experience Drivers Assessment©

This assessment allows us to create a laser like focus on the customer perceptions that drive your company’s economic performance. Further, it identifies the specific employee behaviors that create those perceptions. This assessment is administered online and takes 10 – 12 minutes to complete.

In addition, to our four proprietary assessments we use – under license – the Maslach Burn Out Inventory. The Maslach Burn Out Inventory is the gold standard in assessing leader, employee, and student burn out. When combined with The Resilience Profile© we build predictive models of the specific resilience factors that prevent/reverse burn out and maximize employee engagement.