Executive Professionals and Corporate Resilience Programs

Executive Resilience Coaching

This one-on-one service is specifically designed for the senior most professionals – those who lead as well as practice the most demanding of callings. Whether you are the Chair of a leading law firm, the Founder of a top performing hedge fund, the Practice Leader for a global consultancy, or Chair of Neurosurgery at a major medical center Dr. Flanagan can personally tailor a resilience building regimen for you that will fit with your demanding schedule, increase your personal fulfillment, and improve the productivity of yourself and the professionals you lead.

Please note, because of the intensity of his personal commitment to leaders who avail themselves of this relationship, Dr. Flanagan works with a maximum of ten clients annually. If you can see how this will positively impact you and the performance of your organization, please call Dr. Flanagan as soon as possible. His direct line is 203-561-9946.

Developing A Risk Mindset℠: Enabling Financial Professionals To Make Better Ethical And Commercial Decisions

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The First Chapter℠ – For Early Career Professionals

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The Next Chapter℠ – For Senior Professionals

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The Next Volume℠ – For Professionals About To Transition [Retire] Into
The Next Fulfilling Phase Of Their Life

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The Center For Resilience’s corporate programs are designed for professional services organizations where efficiency and quality is paramount and the stress of today’s work ecology is a major detriment to both. Built on evidence-based knowledge and tactics, each program is customized for: corporate and investment banking; alternative investment firms; law firms; medical centers and medical practices; educational institutions; and public accounting and consulting firms.

Research from leading universities estimates that professionals in these types of organizations are operating at only 32% efficiency. In other words, in a 12-hour day, employees produce only 3.1 hours of valuable work. The economic loss to the organization is immense. The personal toll on leaders and professionals negatively impacts emotional, cognitive, physical and social health.

Each corporate program includes:

  • 16 hours of highly interactive and practical group work
  • Digital audio recordings and tools
  • Weekly homework assignments
  • One-on-one sessions to craft a practical plan to sustain resilience

Group work can be flexed to meet the logistical and productivity needs of the sponsoring firm. Optimum group size is 20-40. For more information, please contact us by email or at 203-561-9946.

The Prologue℠ – A Program To Build Positive School CulturesAnd Resilient Students, Teachers And Administrators

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Today children face unprecedented levels of stress. Bullying has become common place in even some of the most elite educational institutions. The tragedy of school shootings recurs on a weekly basis in some of our Nation’s most serene communities. The Prologue℠ is designed to build the resilience of students, teachers, and administrators while forming positive, supportive school climates.

The Prologue℠ is customized in collaboration with a school’s administrators, faculty and student body. This ensures we meet the educational community’s unique needs and support the specific norms desired for their positive school climate. For more information, please contact us by email or at 203-561-9946.

Introduction to Resilience Training

Building Lifelong Resilience To Succeed In Global Business

This introductory session presents the research that explains the toll today’s work ecology takes on enterprise and personal performance. It introduces the three pillars of building individual and organizational resilience:

  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Hardiness

During the two hour session, participants will learn and practice five fundamental skills to build resilience. Participants have full access to all of The Center For Resilience’s online resources.

Custom Programs & Keynote Speeches

Upon request, Dr. Leo Flanagan will develop customized talks and group events that link the building of individual and organizational resilience to strategic business goals. Previous topics include:

Is This Where I Get To Have A Meaningful Live?

This talk brings to life the unique opportunities organizations have to help their employees have meaningful lives. One where flourishing is a part of the culture rather than an abstract idea.

Leveraging Resilience To Drive Sales Production

In today’s market B2B selling is more demanding and challenging than ever before. Producers face unforeseen competitors at the same time their core products and services are becoming commodities. This talk provides producers with the framework to be resilient and ever more focused in today’s work ecology.

Regaining The Fulfillment You Once Found As An Attorney

The practice of law has radically changed since today’s senior partners began their careers. The practice of law sometimes seems to take a back seat to the business of running a law firm. This topic offered in either a keynote or working session format provides senior partners with the insights and practical techniques that can help them once again flourish in their chosen profession.

Keeping The Patient At The Center Of Your Professional Life

The unintended consequences of the consolidation of group practices to insurance regulation to electronic medical records have pushed the health care provider/patient relationship to the side. The costs are misdiagnoses, increased patient noncompliance, high patient turnover, lower revenues and often overwhelming stress. Whether physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant this program can teach you valuable skills that reduce your stress, increase your accuracy in spotting signs and symptoms, and regaining the sense of fulfillment that attracted you to medicine.

From Frustration To Fulfillment: Seven Steps To Rejuvenate Your Career and Personal Life

You’re well into your career and well past the time when you thought the pressures would have eased and the rewards accumulated. Instead you find the pressures greater and more varied than ever. Not only are professional rewards below expectation, many of the most fulfilling aspects of your personal life seem distant or disconnected. Whether an investment banker, a trader, hedge fund manager, attorney, physician or consultant you aren’t feeling the pay-off from all your hard work. The fact is professional life has radically changed. Many of the skills that served you so well early in your career are obsolete. Just the amount of information – material to the practice of your career – that bombards you 24/7 requires a new skill set. The good news is we know the skill set that can rejuvenate your career and personal life. This introductory program lays out the science and the tools that you can apply to rapidly begin to flourish again professionally and personally.

After 60: Forging A Fulfilling Next Chapter After Partnership

Many partnerships require retirement at age 60. Given the demands and stresses of being a senior partner at a top accounting and advisory firm or a leading law firm, many look forward to this relatively young exit. Too often high expectations of a new life style of travel and devotion to new avocations are followed by a sense of unease and a growing lack of purpose. Especially when one realizes they are easily looking at 20+ years of cognitive, emotional and physical health.

Whether offered as a keynote or working session, this program provides those approaching or newly entered into retirement with the tools to create a balanced portfolio of interests to create the foundation for meaning and flourishing in life after your primary professional career.