What Do Senior Leaders And Santa Have In Common?

The holidays are the most exhausting time of the year for both. With end of year bonuses to be set, performance appraisals to be completed, the final revenue dollars for the year to be chased, and the new fiscal year looming many leaders find scant time to enjoy – much less find time for rejuvenation – during the holidays. While the rest of the world seems filled with joy, Santa can’t wait to get home to take his boots off and leaders often arrive at New Year’s Eve feeling depleted and wondering what the past year really accomplished. Especially leaders committed to their people and the success of their business.

There is a remedy for you the leader. Create a post holiday period to rebalance your life and bolster your personal resilience. For this season, we suggest January 4 through January 11, 2016. During that period, we recommend you use two resilience building tools:

  • The Four Most Powerful Questions Tool – to refocus on what’s really important to you in your career, family/personal life, health/spirituality, and community
  • The Pragmatic Optimism Tool – to help you remain positive personally and as a leader throughout the year

These will get you off to a solid start. If you would like these tools shoot me an email: Leo@CenterForResilience.com or visit our Complimentary Resources page.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Resilient New Year!