Using the latest neuroscience and predictive analytics, we assess and develop resilience to enable you to thrive at a pace of change which will continue to accelerate – beyond understanding.

University Students

You’ve worked hard to achieve your aspirations for higher education. Now you are immersed in an environment where exponential change is effecting every aspect of your life. Keeping pace feels impossible. Intelligence, determination and competitiveness are no longer enough. To succeed academically and in life you must build your resilience. The ability to persevere to success while flourishing.

Capital Markets

You took your positions with great conviction, things are tracking as expected. As your eyes move from screen to screen you perceive what you expect to see. You miss the beginning market shift that will cost you $5M in less than an minute .

Wealth Management

With the biggest asset transfer in human history underway, new regulations, and more clients opted for self-guided or passive investing strategies, you have both the greatest opportunities for and threats to your success. The key is to focus on the 2 to 3 high impact changes that will drive your growth.

Healthcare Providers

You are seeing more patients in less time while feeling less fulfilled. You spend over 60% of your day entering data into the EMR and dealing with administration. The one thing that isn't changing is what you are required to do keeps changing. Building your resilience to regain the sense of fulfillment that brought you to medicine is the one thing within your control.


What is Individual Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to persevere to success while thriving.

You have likely already proven your ability to achieve success despite tremendous obstacles and challenges. The question is at what cost?

After achieving an especially notable success – do you feel like you want to stay in the game or sit out on the sidelines? Are you energized or exhausted?

The latest research from the Mayo Clinic shows that on average 29% of us are burned out. That is emotionally exhausted, cynical, and feeling a lack of accomplishment. In high stress occupations the rate of burn out can sky rocket to over 60%.

People who build their resilience prevent or reverse burn out. They feel energized, optimistic and know what they do really matters. They are also 17% more productive.

Based on the latest neuroscience, positive psychology and predictive analytics we help people and organization assess their resilience and then strengthen it with precise, actionable prescriptions.

Meet Dr. Flanagan

Resilient people are able to manage changing priorities, heavy workloads, high stakes.

What Is Team Resilience?

Team Resilience is the level at which team members get along and produce results.

Team Resilience determines whether the team:
• Gets along and produces results – sustainable and effective
• Doesn’t get along but produces results – not sustainable and effective only in the short-term
• Gets along and doesn’t produce results – sustainable and not effective

In short, does the team have the collective will to succeed?

Models of “high-performing teams” are all based on two critical assumptions: every team has similar challenges and every team works in the same culture. Think about that.

Does it seem possible that the executive committees of Citi and Pepsi face similar challenges and work in the same culture? The answer is obvious.

Our Team Resilience methodology treats each team as unique. By completing an online survey of 10 – 12 minutes, team members generate a current team profile and an optimal team profile.

Once you move the team from its current to its optimal profile you increase the team’s financial results by 15 – 20%. That’s be proven across 166 firms.