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Founded in 2008 by Dr. Leo Flanagan to help professionals thrive under pressure, The Center for Resilience (TCFR)  integrates the latest in research from renowned institutions such as the University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University to provide professionals with practical tools to reduce stress and improve productivity. TCFR is dedicated not just to reducing stress but to enabling professionals to lead highly productive and fulfilling lives.

A growing body of research shows that professionals in demanding careers operate at only 32% efficiency. In a 12 hour day, the typical professional is only working efficiently for 3.1 hours. This inefficiency compounds stress, reduces work quality, drives up cost, and, ultimately, diminishes client satisfaction.

The problem has needed fixing for decades and has increasingly been the focus of leading banks, law firms, consultancies, educational institutions and medical centers.

The key is to build the individual resilience of the professionals. Resilience is a set of skills that professionals can learn to enable them to manage and thrive in high demand environments – throughout their careers.

Dr. Leo FLanagan, The Center for ResilienceLeo F. Flanagan, Jr., PhD

Managing Director/Founder, The Center for Resilience

Our mission is to help professionals thrive under pressure.

Dr. Flanagan is a one-of-a-kind advisor who defines “bank balance” as how well off a company’s executives are psychologically. Both a clinical psychologist and a former executive with a top global investment bank, Flanagan helps organizations cope with the alarming — often dangerous — levels of stress and pressure that are impeding performance and throwing professionals’ lives out of balance.

Dr. Flanagan started The Center for Resilience in 2008 to train those who choose the most demanding careers to flourish personally and professionally. Over the past 25 years he has worked in boardrooms and C-suites at more than 20 leading financial institutions.  He’s guided cultural and business transformations for top banks and health systems and has taught the psychology of business growth to hundreds of global leaders.

A licensed psychologist in the State of New York, Dr. Flanagan has held teaching positions at Cornell University, Fordham University, and the University of Notre Dame. He has been a guest lecturer at The Pennsylvania State University, Queens University and University of Richmond. He received his B.A. from Fordham University with a double major in psychology and sociology, his M.A. in Psychology from Hunter College, and his Ph.D. in Psychology from the City University of New York.

In addition to leading The Center for Resilience, Dr. Flanagan has a clinical practice. He also served as the Director of Community Resilience & Behavioral Health for HEART 9/11, a volunteer organization of first responders and construction workers who worked at Ground Zero in New York City as well as survivors and family members of the victims of 911. From October 30, 2012 through December 5th, 2013, Dr. Flanagan worked full time with HEART 9/11 responding to the needs of survivors and first responders to Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown, CT school shooting, and the EF-5 tornado which struck Moore, OK.